I can see the dedicated video memory for on my first OS to be 128 MB but my second OS that I dual booted shows "n/a". If it is a CPU related setting, is it possible that I do have 128 MB of VRAM in both my OS's but it is not just being showen in the Properties? Or is there a way through which I can change the VRAM to show the correct amount?

I tried the "regedit" method and it didn't work. Is there another method? Or is it even needed to change it from n/a to the correct amount?

  • What is your "first OS" and "second OS"? What is "the regedit method"? Do you have all the correct drivers installed and up to date? Where are you seeing this value for memory? You can edit your question to add more details. – Mokubai Jun 17 at 7:04

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