Many sites today use widgets from facebook such as the Like button, list of friends who are fans of that site and so on. While it may be a nice feature, I perceive it to be a serious privacy intrusion, because facebook most likely stores information about which sites you visit.

I also heard that when you are not logged into facebook, it still tracks the sites you visit (probably with a cookie) and once you log in attaches the data to your real account.

For now, I want to keep using facebook, but I would like to block just these widgets so it can't track me. Is there any Firefox extension which could do that?


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You can also use Adblock Plus to block these items, just add the following two lines to the Adblock rules:



Block other:

Google plus: https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js
Tweet http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/tweet_button.html


You can use a GreaseMonkey script to remove Facebook Like buttons from any webpages. You can install the script from the following link: Remove Facebook Like buttons.


With the extention Greasemonkey you can modify web pages to remove (or change/add) any content, so at least for not displaying them this could be used. However I am not sure of the exact order of events to when greasemonkey starts so it might be too late in order to avoid tracking.

There also appears to be a couple of plugings written to directly handle facebook:

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