Novice on AHK here. Here are the lines:

^Alt:: Send, b

^!PGDN:: Send, r

The "^!" part of the second line gets send continuously before PGDN is pressed, and I get something like "bbbr", so I have tried:

Alt & AppsKey: return

^!PGDN:: Send, r

^Alt Up:: Send, b

Now ^!PGN:: works normally, but when ^Alt Up is released, it fires, so I get "rb". To clarify, I want just r, or just b, not a bundle.

Also, I plan to use other combinations of the type, with one line consisting of two modifiers and the other consisting of the same two modifiers and a normal key, so the solution cannot prevent further cases such as this one.

  • I don't think this can work. Can't you imagine better keys? – harrymc Jun 17 at 18:59

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