I'd like to wipe my corrupted OS entirely before installing a new. I've found your answer how to do it along with the full disk, but I'd like to keep the other partitions (data).

How to wipe one partition, viz. C:\ only? I mean wipe totally, not Windows' own Reset only.

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    If your system is on a separate partition and not together with the data you can only format the partition containing the OS. Otherwise, if you don't, setup a Linux Live CD and copy your data to a external drive or another partition on your drive.
    – CaldeiraG
    Jun 18, 2019 at 6:53

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You should just be able to format the partition in question, and re-install windows on that. If all your data is on other partitions, leave those alone and you're good.

As far as I can remember, Windows asks you which partitions you want to re-format during an install. The are also several live CDs with graphical tools that will let you edit and reformat partitions.

Are most of your programs also installed on C:, or are they somewhere else? Once Windows is installed, all of the programs also have to be re-installed.

In the Windows default configuration, many programs will also have been saving their data to C:, in your own personal User folder. You might want to play safe and copy that out to another partition before you proceed.


I have not installed windows recently, but AFAICR there was an option to format the partition you are installing on during the insalation. Boot from a DVD with Windows installation disk and you should be able to do it.

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