I have a responsive webpage that I need to test at different resolutions to inspect the layout at these different resolutions. Is there a command line option that I can use to open one webpage in a bunch of different windows, each with a different resolution like the following?

enter image description here

I'd love to somehow figure out how to do this without opening a bunch of new windows and then adjusting each of them every time with the Window Resizer extension.

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  • Did you try chrome bundle, from google, there is some options that can be useful for you. – Archil Labadze Jun 19 at 22:47

I wrote a script called many_resolutions.py which is used like:

python many_resolutions.py http://localhost:3000 800x600,0,0 1280x1024,2000,0

Where the screen spec is <width>x<height>,<x-position>,<y-position>.

import subprocess, sys, os

webpage = sys.argv[1]
for screen_spec in sys.argv[2:]:
    split = screen_spec.split(',')
    if len(split) not in (1,3) or 1 > split[0].find('x'): 
        raise Exception('Screen arguments are <width>x<height>,<x-position>,<y-position>')
    screen_res = split[0].split('x')
    pos = None
    if len(split) == 3:
        pos = split[1:3]
    cmd = [
        '--app=data:text/html,<html><body><script>' +
        ('window.moveTo(' + pos[0] +',' + pos[1] + ');' if pos else '') +
        'window.resizeTo(' + screen_res[0] + ',' + screen_res[1] + ');' +
        'window.location="' + webpage + '";</script></body></html>',
    subprocess.Popen(cmd, preexec_fn=os.setpgrp)

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