When I play music on my Laptop, it keeps playing for about 20 seconds then the sounds stop completely. I've checked the sound drivers and updated them to the latest version but didn't change anything. I could only listen to music using headset. What's the problem?

I've already tried restarting Windows Audio Services, disabling and re-enabling the Audio Device and reinstalling the Audio Driver but they didn't work.

I'm 90% sure it's a software problem.

  • If you can hear music via headphones (Bluetooth, 3.5mm) you can focus on the laptop speaker. Probably it's already defective but I don't want to make early assumptions. – CaldeiraG Jun 24 at 9:05
  • @CaldeiraG When I insert handsfree and eject it again while playing music, speakers start playing the music but again after a while they stop working. – Alireza A2F Jun 24 at 9:15
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    Try in Device Management to delete the audio device and reboot. – harrymc Jun 24 at 15:59
  • @harrymc now I have no sound at all. – Alireza A2F Jun 24 at 17:26
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    Install back the driver that worked. What is the device for audio and which driver version is that? – harrymc Jun 24 at 17:31

I'm not sure that it's not a software problem. I list:

  • You have tried both Microsoft and Realtek hardware drivers and experienced the same problem with both. The generic driver installed by deleting the device in Windows and rebooting didn't work at all.
  • This happens with all audio formats and with all programs.

You have done everything possible with software except one: Reinstalling Windows. It's up to you to decide whether you wish to Refresh or Reset Windows. But if you do, then first better backup all drivers.

Otherwise, perhaps you should suspect hardware. You could first examine all the connectors relating to audio on the motherboard and try to better reseat them, then perhaps try another audio device (if possible with your hardware).

If the computer is recent enough to still be under warranty, the simplest solution would be to use the warranty (after backing up all your personal data).


I had a similar problem and had found that disabling windows audio, then reenabling helped. To find that, you can click the start button and simply type services and hit enter and it should open. Then look for "Windows Audio" and restart it. If that fixes the issue then you need to do a windows repair, this should fix that service. At least it did in my situation. Please let me know if this works.

  • I've tried such things many times but it didn't come to anything. – Alireza A2F Jun 26 at 9:20

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