I've looked at this SO question and downloaded the VM for IE11 and VirtualBox. On the host, I call https://localhost:8081 to load the webpage from my local webpack dev server. Inside the VM, I tried calling the gateway to get the page loaded ( The problem I'm having is that the Grails web app that ultimately gets called on my host is using whitelisting and I get a myriad of errors that prevent the page from loading. I think there are also some SSL issues. I've loaded mkcert and a new root testing cert on the host. The host browsers are fine with it, but IE11 in the VM complains about a certificate violation.

If technologies like Browserstack can load the site for testing properly, can I do something similar all locally in Ubuntu? I started looking into proxies and SSH tunnels, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work.


I found a way to make this work:

  • Ensure that your host environment has SSH server installed,
  • Ensure that the daemon is set to start automatically be executing ps -ef | grep sshd. There should be entries for sshd to show that it is running.
  • Install Oracle VirtualBox,
  • Obtain the MSEdge on Win10 image for VirtualBox from Microsoft,
  • Start the image - the password should be Passw0rd!
  • At an Admin command prompt, enter ssh -L 8081: {your_host_username}@ Change the port numbers from 8081 to whatever your port is,
  • A prompt to enter a password for your username should appear. Type your host’s username,
  • Once you receive a bash command prompt inside the command window, try navigating to https://localhost:{your_port_address}

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