I have setup an Azure pipeline, that runs on an op-premises agent, that performs Windows Machine File Copy task, which uses Robocopy to copy files from my computer to a remote server.

The copied files are a .net core application.

  1. I am adding a file app_offline.htm to stop new incoming trafic using Windows Machine File Copy task
  2. I am copying all the application files to the destination using the Windows Machine File Copy task
  3. I am trying to remove the app_offline.htm using Windows Machine File Copy task this time using /Purge

As i read using /Purge checks source and destination folders for differencies and deletes the extra files or folders in the destination

In the 3 step: How can i exclude all the files from the copy operation and using /Purge it will find that only the app_offline.htm file is not in the source folder and deleting it from destination

I am using e.g:/xf appsettings.json to exclude one file from copying, is there a way to exclude everything except one file.

There is no Delete File task in Azure pipelines regarding the remote server and using Powershell is restricted from firewall rules.


  • Using /PURGE /XF * doesnt delete the app_offline.html – G. Siganos Jun 21 '19 at 7:44

I figured in out by adding app_offline.htm /Purge

It deletes the file since it is not found in the source and doesnt copy the rest of the files again

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