Is there a particular order in which tables and connections are refreshed in Excel when using the Refresh All on the data tab?

For example, suppose I have a table that is sourced via an ODBC or SQL Server connection. From this table I create a subset of data that then feeds various Pivot Tables. When I use Refresh All, will Excel understand that the ODBC data source needs to be refreshed first?

Is there any default logic or order to using Refresh All?


When I use Refresh All, will Excel understand that the odbc needs to be refreshed first ?

Absolutely. Excel always updates non-dependent "source" data before re-calculating anything that depends on that source. To do it any other way would result in incorrect results.

You can see this in action by observing how Excel calculates a formula by using the Evaluate Formula feature. Here's a formula where the first step involves getting the value in cell G15. That cell in turn contains a formula, which requires getting the value of E15. That cell in turn contains a formula, the first step of resolving which requires evaluating the IF function...and so on.

enter image description here

This ordered process of "working backward" through volatile values until the root data is identified is inherent in how Excel calculates and evaluates data. Rest assured Microsoft didn't leave this important consideration to mere chance.

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