I am trying to copy a large amount of data to a databox (~10 TB). I am using robocopy with this command: robocopy <source> <destination> * /e /r:3 /w:60 /is /nfl /ndl /np /v /MT:32 or 64 /log+:logfile.txt

It seems to be working well; however, when it completes the log looks like this:

       Total   Copied   Skipped   Mismatch   Failed   Extras   
Dirs:   33       33        1         0         0        0

I was just wondering why there is a skipped directory?


The skipped folder in this circumstance is the last folder specified in your <destination> since it already exists.
For example, if you run:
robocopy "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\FolderA" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" /e
you'll get a skipped directory because Desktop already exists.
However, if you run:
robocopy "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\FolderA" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\FolderB" /e prior to actually making FolderB - robocopy will create it, and there will be no skipped directory in your summary at the bottom.

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