after I run a command via the address bar in an explorer window, the path shown in the address bar will point to the command and not to the current folder

is there any known fix how to prevent this?

steps to reproduce:

  1. open explorer
  2. place cursor into address bar
  3. run command (e.g cmd)
  4. place cursor into adress bar -> path will point to C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
  • Explorer is not meant to be a working environment. You should be looking into the Command Prompt, or perhaps the Start menu Run command (Winkey+R). – harrymc Jun 23 at 12:40
  • This is bugging me also a lot and was hoping to find an answer here. Too bad that there isn’t really an answer to your question. Oh btw, my quickfix is then to press Alt+Arrow Up and then Enter to go one folder up and then again into the same folder and have the correct path in the address bar. – bugybunny Aug 21 at 7:10

When any command is entered in the adress bar of the explorer the command is executed in the CMD in the default work directory of user's files.

So instead of typing the command in address bar, right click while holding the shift and select "open poweshell window here" to open a poweshell in the opened directory and run the command there

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