I've spent the last hour unable to get through a relatively straight forward problem. I would like to sum a range of cells, however it cannot be a fixed formula as the rows and cells will change regularly.

I have tried combining INDEX, MATCH and SUMIF but have not been able to get anywhere. I've built a sample spreadsheet for what I'm trying to solve for, the image is attached below.

Ideally, I need to sum the values in C assuming that it matches with F2.

Help would greatly be appreciated.

Sample Spreadsheet

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    In E2 you have Employee B but in the criteria you have just the B is this the way it is in the actual data or do they match? – Scott Craner Jun 26 at 18:38
  • Sorry, they match. – Munckinn Jun 26 at 18:49
  • How about using PivotTable? – Lee Jun 27 at 2:14

SUMIFS is the way to accomplish your goal - its SUMIF with multiple criteria.

Just make sure that your sum range and criteria ranges all cover the same rows, in thisexample worksheet all the range rows are 4-12.

Please note that I changed Employee A to just A to make the criteria match the range.

If you put this formula in F3 it would do what your looking for =SUMIFS(C3:C11,A3:A11,F2,B3:B11,E3)

C3:C11 is the sum range, the other ranges are criteria ranges followed by their criteria respectively.

  • Please put the actual formula in text so the OP can copy paste, not in the photo. – Scott Craner Jun 26 at 18:54
  • Also with SUMIFS you do not need to limit the reference ranges: =SUMIFS(C:C,A:A,F$2,B:B,$E2) – Scott Craner Jun 26 at 18:56

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