This is for an arcade cabinet. Im trying to create a script to launch a controller profile using xpadder, then start an emulator/game. Then once the game is closed, launch a 'blank controller' profile. This is what I had some help with but the game is not launching correctly. Not sure if the correct code is being used? Would autohotkey be easier? Also not sure the the /M is for?

start /w "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\AAE\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile" /M

start /w "" D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\AAE\aae.exe %1 "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\AAE\%1.zip"

start "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile" /M
  • "But the game is not launching correctly" -- you may wish to edit your question and elaborate on what this means. Regarding the /M, my guess would be that this was intended to be /MIN. /M is not a valid switch for start. – Anaksunaman Jul 2 at 4:14

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