Asus x553ma Windows 8.1 64 bit I don't have battery and asus x553ma do not have CMOS location on motherboard

enter image description here


BIOS settings not saving is indicative that the CMOS/BIOS battery needs replacing.

The CMOS battery is a spearate battery, typically a non-user-replaceable part on laptops.

Your laptop model, however, may be user replaceable but it will require the dismantling of the laptop due to the location of the battery on the motherboard.

enter image description here

  • you are correct no CMOS in my motherboard I think it is integrated with the motherboard she does not change. do I have any other solution? – mohcine Jun 28 at 21:40
  • CMOS batteries can usually be replaced but are often soldered to the motherboard and/or difficult to obtain the spare part. – Kinnectus Jun 28 at 21:43
  • yes you are correct, thank you very much @Kinnectus – mohcine Jun 28 at 21:50

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