I have had this .Net exe ( using MSScriptcontrol to run VB Scripts) working fine on Windows 10 Ent and previous versions for almost 20 years. Last week, I noticed that it slowed down. I checked Task Manager and noticed Windows Defender Anti malware kicks in chokes this .exe.

Upon disabling Defender temporarily, program worked fine. Upon further digging I found real time protection is the real issue and I put Defender on but Real time protection off and it worked fine. Later I thought of putting exclusions rather than completely shutting off real time protection. However, after putting exclusions of all kinds ( did put exe name , folder, assembly types); there was 40% improvement but it never went back to its original processing speed. Somewhere I read that exclusions excludes from scanning but not from real time protection process.

In current work environment, IT department controls these policies but as a developer I do hold SU account and was able to try these options.

Current platform is Windows 10 Enterprise Ver 1809, 17763.557 build)

Please guide,


  • Will IT let you use another AV package, e.g. Avira? – DrMoishe Pippik Jun 30 at 2:58
  • Actually, this program is used by external clients and I'm concerned about this issue plaguing them eventually where these things are decided by their IT group and they may not have much say in this. I've SU account on my machine and can temporarily switch off Real Time protection and then it works OK. – Ajay Sharma Jul 1 at 11:25

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