I've come up with the following regular expression:


The idea is to parse a commit message for several params:

[release minor]

Hello world

- asd
- zxc

Matching should result release_type = 'minor', release_notes = 'Hello world\n….

I'm trying to use perl due to old regex engines in macOS.

I've tried:

perl -e 'print "$+{release_notes}" while /\[release(\s+(?<release_type>.*))?\]\n+(?<release_notes>.*)/gs;' msg.txt

But for some reason, this expression doesn't work as expected.

In fact, even the simpler

perl -ne 'print "$+{release_notes}" while /\n(?<release_notes>.*)/gs;' msg.txt 



perl -ne 'print "$+{release_notes}" while /(?<release_notes>.*)/gs;' msg.txt 

succeeds and just returns the whole input.

I'm probably missing something simple here, but not sure what it is.


This answer game me a solution: adding -0777 to the command fixes the problem.

To quote:

It still needs that even as the -0777 unsets the input record separator, so the file is read at once; see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37582501/why-use-the-p-n-in-slurp-mode-in-perl-one-liner/37583183#37583183

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