I'm using iTerm2 and Tmux.

I would like to change the background colour of a Tmux pane but only when zoomed. I know there is a window_is_zoomed flag and I am wondering if I can us this in a if-shell statement or somewhere else to get the desired effect.

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Take this one-liner (split into multiple lines for readability) as an example:

tmux set-hook -g after-resize-pane \
'if "[ #{window_zoomed_flag} -eq 1 ]"
    "run \"tmux select-pane -P bg=red\""
    "run \"tmux select-pane -P bg=black\""

Run it in a shell within tmux and zoom any pane to test the solution.


  • It's pure tmux solution, it doesn't depend on iTerm2.
  • There are three levels of quoting (single-quotes, double-quotes, escaped double-quotes). While adjusting the command to your needs don't mix them up.
  • -g means the hook is global; without -g it's a session hook.
  • Unset the hook with tmux set-hook -gu after-resize-pane.
  • To make the solution permanent, add this line to ~/.tmux.conf (or /etc/tmux.conf):

    set-hook -g after-resize-pane 'if "[ #{window_zoomed_flag} -eq 1 ]" "run \"tmux select-pane -P bg=red\"" "run \"tmux select-pane -P bg=black\""'

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