I had OneDrive disabled on my computer for a while. Today, I activated it for a while and it started syncing certain folders and one of those folders contains the code for an application I'm working on.

When I noticed it, I stopped OneDrive but now I have a whole bunch of files that end with -copy in their name. I assume OneDrive sync process creates duplicate files that it processes and I suspect it automatically removes them at the end.

I will not go through with the sync process. Is there an easy way to remove these -copy files?

BTW, my Office apps are through my Office 365 subscription for my business.


Are you trying to delete the local -copy files from your computer, or the ones in OneDrive cloud?

for local files in your harddrive, you can do the following:

  1. in windows explorer, go to your OneDrive folder
  2. then in the search box (top-right) type in *-copy.*
  3. explorer will search for all the -copy files show a list
  4. click on a file and press Ctrl+A to select all files
  5. then press Delete key to delete them

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