I'm on Pop!_OS (ubuntu based distro) running Qt creator 4.9.2 with Qt 5.13.0 and am currently trying to build an app for android. When I try to build my app for desktop I have no error, but when I try to build it for Android the Make command returns a error: cannot find -lc++.
I also tried running one of the basics Qt example but I got the same response.

Any idea what I need to do to make it run?

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I found the answer on the qt forums, Don't know why I din't think about looking there first...

Turns out on the NDK 20 you need to add an extra flag in the qmake.conf file. It is shown here : https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtbase/+/264903/9/mkspecs/android-clang/qmake.conf#34

  • Thanks a lot! I've been looking for this for the past few days
    – Distjubo
    Aug 19, 2019 at 12:55

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