I got irqbalance enabled in my rhel8 server and I got following results in /proc/interrupts while testing for tcp latency with qperf

          CPU0       CPU1       CPU2       CPU3
26:   15840985   65397065          0         10   PCI-MSI 81921-edge      eth0-Tx-Rx-0
27:   31391261         86    5445224   17007234   PCI-MSI 81922-edge      eth0-Tx-Rx-1
28:   36123061   17049700    8246819   60104674   PCI-MSI 81923-edge      eth0-Tx-Rx-2
29:   30985500      43814   29788739   26011244   PCI-MSI 81924-edge      eth0-Tx-Rx-3

Is this result desired with irqbalance? When I check smp_affinity_list for 26 to 29 irq numbers each one is assigned to only for a one core. Can I set the affinity for all 4 cores?

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