I'm trying to connect a Telit LEU910C1-EU modem to get a data connection (over LTE). The module is used via a CM3, the modem itself is plugged into a usb hub. While tinkering around I got the following weird behavior:

  • On a Ubuntu Laptop, I can use the modem just fine with ModemManager and NetworkManager. (see below for exact steps)
  • On the Pi though I seem to get no errors and NetworkManager tells me I'm connected. When doing a ping -I wwan0 though it blocks indefinitely.

I already tried many different SIMs (including the one in my smartphone) and even swapped the modem. One weird thing is also that the whole Pi seems to be unresponsive for a few seconds after starting the ModemManager and sometimes the ethernet doesn't seem to be working anymore after.

I tried to summarize all important logs in this Gist:


(This include all relevant software version, they are the same as on on the Ubuntu laptop, except the kernel).

Those are the steps I use to setup the modem itself:

$ sudo systemctl start ModemManager
$ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
# Check if the modem was recognized:
$ mmcli -L
# Check the status of the modem, if it shows "registered", continue.
$ mmcli -m 0
# Actually add the connection:
$ sudo nmcli c add type gsm ifname cdc-wdm0 con-name telit apn bicsapn
# Test the connction. This will block forever or yield "not reachable"
$ ping -I

Did anyone have similar issues or can help debug that further?


In newer releases NetworkManager will take over the MTU size from ModemManager automatically: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/-/merge_requests/499

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Solved it.

There are two things to check:

  • systemd-networkd seems to interfere with NetworkManager. Disable it by using:

    $ systemctl disable systemd-networkd (reboot after)

  • The MTU size was wrong. For LTE the maximum size seems to be around 1430. See mmcli -b $(number of your bearer from mmcli -m 0).. Lower it via ip link set dev wwan0 mtu 1400. It should work automatically after.

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