I've been all over the web lately trying to find a solution to a particularly annoying problem I've been having. This isn't an isolated issue, and many forums have very similar questions without any real answers.


I have a triple monitor setup. They are layed out like so: 32" Samsung (60hz), 32" Samsung (144hz),and 24" Samsung (60hz). I game on the 144hz monitor. I have a custom built rig sporting an i9-9900k and an ASUS GTX 1080ti STRIX (11gb). I've got 32gb g-skill ram (3200mhz base) installed on a Windows 10 Enterprise OS.


When I'm using a full-screen or windowed borderless game and have any other process on my PC running that requires GPU rendering, I'll receive micro-stutters in the focused app or game.


The most frequently occurring example I can give is while gaming, I tend to have other applications on my other two monitors. Whenever a secondary and non-focused application starts using even just a small percentage of GPU power (as measured by Task Manager), I get micro stutters in game.

Another example, while playing video (usually YouTube) on a secondary monitor and gaming on the primary monitor, I usually have to limit the video playback to 480p or less, since any HD content seems to cause the micro-stutters. Additionally, whenever YouTube auto-play continues to a new video, these micro-stutters are present during the entire browser refresh cycle.


Isn't there a way to force application priority for GPU rendering? If no, then what would be the best solution here, short of closing all other running applications?

It seems ludicrous to me that using a dedicated GPU with multiple monitors is so clunky and so poorly optimized that whenever any other application uses even just a tiny percentage of GPU power, micro stutters is the result.

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