Yesterday my pc froze had to turn it off by holding the power button. But when i turn it back on its just on for 1-2 sec then off repeatedly then i tried it again after a few mins turned off once then turned back on like normal worked just fine. But when i turned it on today its the same on and off

So i tried to boot it by unplugging everything from the psu and mobo it turned off once then turned on. I went on plugging everything one by one ram,gpu then hdd it turned on just fine without the turning off first. Its working fine right now but it'll probably just be like this til fixed.

I dont know what's causing it do i have to replace a part

PC spec:

i5 4670

HyperX 8gb

AsRock h81m

Zotac gtx 750

Aerocool rave 500w psu

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    Most likely a failing HDD or SSD. Quick test: boot from USB flash drive, bypassing storage. First thing to do is make a disk image. – DrMoishe Pippik Jul 7 at 2:37

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