I've been fiddling with my anaconda, jupyter, IPython installations, and I honestly don't know how I ended up with this error. Can anyone help me resolve this so I can get back to running jupyter notebooks with Python 3.x?

[C 17:01:34.358 NotebookApp] Bad config encountered during initialization:
[C 17:01:34.359 NotebookApp] The 'contents_manager_class' trait of <notebook.notebookapp.NotebookApp object at 0x1016caa90> instance must be a type, but 'jupytext.TextFileContentsManager' could not be imported



The issue was a bad config file that got in there somehow. This answer https://github.com/jupyter/notebook/issues/274 helped me resolve the problem. I had to go to the folder path that was returned when I ran the following command

jupyter --config-dir

I removed all files in this folder and ran

jupyter notebook

and this opened the jupyter notebook normally.

  • This worked well, Thanks Abel!! – Itachi Aug 7 '19 at 8:20

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