How can i reset my server back to normal. Now i cannot access my root from either putty or from WinSCP it says root isn;t my main user.

I basically wanted to give access to all the folder so i did the following chmod -R 777 /

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  • Hii thank you for your message. I have VPS hosting and its all been setup in Ubuntu which i have no idea how to use, as i iwas going through it i gave permission to whole of my website folder that is < chmod -R 777 / > now i cannot login using root neither can i connect with WinSCP. Can you please assist me how can we fix this issue and make it like it was before. Many thanks again – Bikash Gyawali Jul 9 '19 at 6:45
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    Sorry to say this - but GOOD. Anyone trying to run a VPS without giving even a passing thought to security and endangering customer pulrivacy and creating a launch point for malware should not be allowed on the Internet. Before rebuilding a new VM - which is what you need to do - take the time to understand the Unix permission system. Unless you have console access or a still open ssh session there is, in the general case, no other way to remotely fix your issue. – davidgo Jul 9 '19 at 18:27

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