We have a system with the following three servers

  • NAS - NetApp filer
  • master server - with write access to NAS via NFS mount
  • Compute servers with data but no write access to NAS
    • (Actually there are dozens of these. So it is two servers + dozens of the third type.)

The Compute servers generate data and inform the master server that the data is ready. The master server then rsyncs the data from the compute server to the NAS drive that is locally NFS mounted.

But I worry this is very network-inefficient with the data going from compute-->master-->NAS . I would like to have the data go directly from the compute server to the NAS but still have this mediated/authorized by the master server (This implies I do not want every compute server to have to (or have permission to) mount the NAS volume.) (All For security reasons.) The NetApp does not (afaik) support rsync natively.

Is this possible?

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