How can I split a video window like this?

enter image description here

First image is the original video. Second image is me defining the split (not necessarily in a graphical way). Third image is what I'd like to obtain, that is two portions of each frame of the video playing in different parts of the screen/window/panel/whatever, with the possibility to zoom-in/out each part.

I can kind of simulate it by running two different synchronized instances of VLC playing the same video, each with a crop filter configured to cut out the other half.


  • I don't want to have to re-encode the video, it should work like the VLC filter, directly on the playback
  • It would be great if it could run on Linux (either natively or through wine)
  • The more control I have on each splitted part the better it is, but the bare minimum is being able to do a vertical split in the middle and zoom-out both parts


  1. Tools
  2. Effects and Filters
  3. Video Effects
  4. Geometry
  5. Wall (1 row, 2 columns)


Example result:

Example result

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