I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSC) on Windows 10. I've changed a couple of file types to be associated with VSC. Just out of sheer convenience, really. Before that, some of my file types had generic or ugly icons. I figured out VSC would replace them with appropriate ones. It seems I was wrong. Now all of the associated file types look unrecognizable. Actually, they look the same, which is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve after all. Is VSC missing this spot or is it me doing something wrong?

Would anyone help me figure this out?


The icons for each filetype are stored in the Registry using indirection. By associating other filetypes with VSC, you've adopted that icon for all.

You can edit the Registry (with care!) to substitute another icon for each filetype. If you've installed 7-Zip, examine HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\7-Zip.*, where the asterisk denotes all its supported archive formats, such as .arj or .zip, to see how differing icons are provided for each format.

For example, looking up HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.zip in the Registry, I find the (Default) filetype is 7-Zip.zip, because 7-Zip has been installed and set as the default. Scrolling to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\7-Zip.zip, the (Default) value for key Defaulticon is C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.dll,1. If the path were changed to %SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-1001, Zip files would show the icon used for MS Libraries:

MS Lie Berry icon

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