Simple question, no obvious solution. I have a folder called Test on the C drive (C:\Test). I have a folder called Test 2 on the D drive (D:\Test2). I want to robocopy the Test folder to the Test2 folder.

If I robocopy /e C:\Test D:\Test2\ I end up copying the content of folder Test instead of the folder and its content (however, if, in Bash, I cp -a folder1 folder2/, I get folder1 in folder2). D:\Test2 will not have a folder called Test (and its content). It will have the content of folder Test, and the actual first folder is not copied.

What am I doing wrong? Robocopy - Copy directory into another directory does not address this issue.



robocopy /e C:\Test D:\Test2/Test

Appending the string /test after D:\Test2 should do the trick

  • Not beautiful but does the trick. Thank you. – Mikko Jul 11 at 13:25

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