Suddenly (I think last windows update cause it) some of my MP4/MP3 files doesn't show tags (Artist, Title and Year) in Windows Explorer but I can see them in Mp3tag program on the same computer and I also see them in Windows 7 computer.

Also in Windows Explorer > View > "Large Icons" - those files have no thumbnail and there is no info on the length of the video or music.

This happened only to some of the files and I don't see deference with other files.

UPDATE: I used program mediainfo to analyze good and bad files and all bad files had a tag "WM/MediaClassPrimaryID".

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    If possible, please provide the output of ffprobe (get here) for a working and non-working file. – Daniel B Jul 11 at 11:55
  • Not sure how to use ffprobe as it says that "output file does not contain any stream" – Solver Jul 12 at 10:02

I found out that some people have even problem playing files with a tag WM/MediaClassPrimaryID. Out of this problem, one developer created a program to remove this tag available here: MP4 xtra atom remover

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