I have a brand new installation of Ubunto 18.4. I have installed Postgres 9.6, succesfully added a user / database etc from the local Linux Terminal. I can connect successfully to psql so I know it is running I cannot connect to psql from a remote computer so I am guessing the issue is firewall. Googling the issues tells me to edit the postgresql.conf file and make sure that postgres is configured to allow remote connections on port 5432

WHERE is the postgresql.conf file?

Querying the database via psql -c "SHOW config_file" returns /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/postgresql.conf

Check this folder shows no such file.

Further research tells me that if the file is really missing then postgresql should not even start! If I try to edit a possibly hidden file using

vi postgresql.conf

vi tells me its a new file.

So ... Can I just create a file here and expect it to work ? or should I be looking elsewhere for the postgresql.conf file ?

All the above also applies for a pg_hba.conf file which I also cant find

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