Alright. I messed up pretty bad. I had an external SSD (M2, Crucial Micron) with Ubuntu 18.04 on it as XFS file system, GPT partitioning. I had the ssd running on a computer, plugged in with usb and all, but suddenly it slightly unplugged. This returned a stack trace with errors like

i/o error: unable to open (files in here)

i/o error: unable to open/close/rotate (files in here)

ignoring i/o error:

I hard powered off my computer, but now the ssd wont boot, the ssd in disk management on windows is shown as no media, file explorer doesn't detect it, and diskpart says no media on disk, size 0 b, free 0 b. I hope NAND is not messed up, albeit this was a new ssd (only 2 weeks old).

Please save me from my parents getting pissed, fellow nerds.

  • Please be known, if I send my ssd back, I will not commit fraud but tell crucial that a stack trace may damage and convert to raw, but shouldn’t damage nand. I am not committing fraud as some answers say – Spandan Goel Jul 12 at 4:49

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