Wierd thing I've noticed recently. Just right clicking a folder (which opens the context menu) then closing it again will change its date modified to the current date and time.

I created two (empty) folders.. waited a bit, then right clicked folder "2"... and the date changed to the current time:

enter image description here

Wondering if it is somekind of (buggy) explorer extension that might be causing this, or if others are also seeing it.

Autoruns lists these:

enter image description here

  • I can't reproduce your problem even with a network drive on v1709 build 16299.15. What version of W10 you have? – CaldeiraG Jul 12 at 12:56
  • What Explorer shell extensions do you in fact have? (Use Nirsoft's ShExView to manage them.) – grawity Jul 12 at 12:58
  • Yeah, I just noticed it is on a network drive (Samba/Linux), thought I was testing locally. Windows version is 1809 build 17763.107. Doesn't happen on a local drive. – john16384 Jul 12 at 13:00
  • See Autoruns, tab "Explorer" to get an idea of all extensions. – harrymc Jul 12 at 13:02
  • ShExView list is huge (269 items), going through it abit. I attached the Autoruns one. Mainly google drive, foxit, notepad++ and 7zip. DeskMenu keeps icons in their spots... that might be it. – john16384 Jul 12 at 13:09

To summarize the problem: Date in a Samba share was modified by a right-click in Windows Explorer, even when cancelling immediately the menu.

The tool used to analyze all extension was Autoruns, where on the "Explorer" tab one can get the list of all extensions, then disable one-by-one all those that may relate.

Culprit found : Google Drive, found in the entry named GDContextMenu, listed in Autoruns in more than one place.

Solution: In Autoruns, uncheck the check-box next to GDContextMenu to disable the Google Drive extension. The entry will still be shown by Autoruns, so can be restored if in the future you wish to re-enable Google Drive.

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