This is my first post here, i did do a quick search couldn't find exactly what i was looking for.

I am copying a file from one server located in NW part of the country to another server located in South. There is 1 Gb P2P circuit between two data centers. Is there a tool that can tell me how long it took to get through each hop while i am copying the file?

We have done enough troubleshooting and had the vendor out to confirm P2P circuit speed and every thing came out clean. I am looking for a tool that will tell me where is the bottle neck in the transfer path. I have confirmed there is no issue with server or storage both on receiving and sending end.

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    Do a pathping in both directions ... – DavidPostill Jul 12 at 13:38
  • Installing an AppNeta device on either end would tell you. They call their tool FlowView. I think Auvik and Solarwinds have similar modules that are software based and possibly free. – Lumberjack Jul 12 at 13:42

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