I am using wine in Linux to run some Windows applications, but as mentioned here, I want to remove as much as the drive settings in wine as possible so that the Windows applications cannot easily change my files in Linux. Each time I run winecfg and remove all drives except drive C: (first image below).

However, sometimes I have USB devices connected to Linux (say under /mnt), then sometimes when I open winecfg, it automatically detects the devices and map them into D: (second image below). How can I stop this behavior? I tried to make ~/.wine/dosdevices unwritable, but this causes winecfg behave abnormally.

What I want: What I want

What I get each time after opening winecfg: What I get

  • It seems that a temporary workaround is to assign all drive number (D:, E:, ...) to a meaningless location – Eric Stdlib Jul 13 at 7:44

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