I'm having issues with the installation of SSL certificates for my linux VPS.

Currently i bought two Sectigo SSL certificates for my VPS. I'm running my machine with the hostname exampleX.example.com, my website is matching the hostname, so it's exampleX.com, for my email i use the mail.exampleX.com variation.

I've hosted my VPS with TransIP in the Netherlands, they make a suggestion on how to install the certificates on the VPS bought from them, you can find it here. When i follow the instructions everything goes (pretty) well. The Sectigo certificate for the website exampleX.com is directly installed. When i start with installing the certificate bought for mail.exampleX.com, i run into the problem that as soon as i restart exim, all the websites hosted on my server are down. The mail is secured from that moment on, but the sites are all offline.

How do i fix this situation? It seems to me nothing impossible or weird situation?

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