Maven is trying to download the packages from NPM server but it is getting error saying 'cannot call a class as a function', this is an issue because it is downloading node_modules but its not downloading properly to the windows agent which is causing a build failure.

Similar case from another user remarks: When we run the jenkin job on windows slave, its downloading the nodejs and creating 'node_modual' folder. Under this folder we have sub folders and files. However, we have observed that many files under this folder are missing which we have on local machine under the same 'node_modue'. Both folder either on local or slave agent does not match.

If someone can please help me with this. Thank you

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    node_modual is a folder that stores the project dependencies from artifactory. when running a job on a windows agent it creates the node_modual folder under workspace. – Kasey Jul 12 at 15:48

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