I’ve read some stories of powered USB hubs frying laptops (although I know they generally shouldn’t) and would like some information on how likely this is, how it happens, and (most importantly) how to determine whether a particular hub is likely (or not) to do this.

Laptop frying sources:



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    Out of millions of hubs in use, two failed spectacularly, and because the situation is so unusual, got written up. In both of these cases, nobody really knows the facts. There's speculation about maliciously modified hardware, a user reversing the polarity on the power adapter, ancient hardware failing in unusual ways, etc. There's no way to respond to a couple of uncontrolled, undocumented, random events, and no basis for taking any special action. There's no indication that anything was related to a particular brand of hardware, or anything else actionable. – fixer1234 Jul 13 at 2:37

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