So, I'm setting up a flash game collection on my server network, and Im providing web based versions of the games, Along with EXE Based versions i made by compiling the FLA files.

I already know how to add an ICO to the exe manually, but how do I change the window title so it doesnt say "FLA Compiled Frame" all the time, but rather change it to the game's name?

(Also sorry if this is offtopic... im unsure where else to post this)


Wow, Im completely Facepalming right now, there are so many programs that can do this but they are all super expensive...

Then I found a program I WAS ALREADY USING... called Resource Hacker, and it literally let me change the caption.

Okay, so its rather simple, open your EXE in resource hacker.

Click the magnifying glass and search for the first word of your window title. (it should bring you to a file in the exe called "TFRMAIN" (only flash exe's do this) or whatever your proccess is called. and inside it should show "Caption = 'Your Windows Current Caption'"

simply click on the end of the caption before the single quote ( ' ) and then change the text, (YOU CANT NOT USE SINGLE QUOTES IN THE NAME (or any codebreaking characters))

then click off to a another portion of the EXE, it will ask to compile it, compile it, then click the green floppy disk to SAVE the exe and recompile it.

It will create a second exe next to your current one (Its a safeguard incase you corrupt your data) and rename your original to "ExeNamehere_Original.exe"


Official Site of Resource hacker

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