I'm running Python 3.7.3 through IPython 7.5.0 on ConEmu, using Windows 10 Pro. Whenever I run IPython on ConEmu, I experience lag. For example, on IPython's interpreter I input 1+1 and hit Enter, part of the prompt disappears, and after less than a second Out [2]: 2 is printed, then another short time is elapsed until Out [3]: is printed. Nevertheless, if I write something during this lag, this input will appear in the final Out [3]: <something>, so I guess the problem is related to a drop of the refreshing rate of the console emulator while executing a python command on IPython.

Python works perfectly everywhere, included from ConEmu. ConEmu works flawlessly and without any lag at any circumstance but when I run IPython. Finally, IPython runs smoothly on cmd.exe and PowerShell, and only refreshes slowly on ConEmu. My main problem is that I don't even know how to track the origin of the problem, so working on a solution is basically impossible for me.

Then, what could be the cause of this lag and how could I solve it?

Thank you in advance.

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