(A) I have a rotation of a part so I have 360 tiff files, which I can animate in ImageMagick and also export to an animated gif. This image is 1920x1080, with a black background, there are 360 of them: image_A_001.tiff to image_A_360.tiff.

(B) I have a close up of the rotation that I want to inlay (composite?) into the each of the 360 images files from (A). This closeup image can be around 200x200 in size, also has a black background. There are 360 of these as well, image_B_001.tiff to image_B_360.tiff, and they correspond to each image_A_###.tiff.

I would like to inlay image_B_001.tiff into image_A_001.tiff into the upper right hand corner, creating image_C_001.tiff and do this for each of the 360 files, then convert those new 360 image files to an animated gif. Can ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick in linux do this, and if so how? Otherwise how can this be done?


The ImageMagick tool you are looking for is composite, whose syntax is :

composite [ options ... ] image composite [ mask ] composited

If I understood right, image is image_A_001.tiff, composite is image_B_001.tiff, and composited is image_C_001.tiff.

The most important option to specify is where the inlay should be positioned, specified by -gravity.

  • thank you. here's what worked gm composite smaller_image_001.tif -gravity NorthEast larger_image_001.tif new_image.tif
    – ron
    Jul 18 '19 at 18:33
  • also gm composite smaller_image_001.tif -geometry +1500+100 larger_image_001.tif new_image.tif puts in general northeast location but allows placement of smaller image to my liking
    – ron
    Jul 18 '19 at 18:34
  • I made use of GraphicsMagick via gm
    – ron
    Jul 18 '19 at 18:36

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