I want to connect to my client's FTP. He has to whitelist my IP everytime since mine is dynamic. How do I connect to his server?

  • What is your client's operating system, firewall and ftp server? – harrymc Jul 22 at 16:53

I would recommend you to rent a virtual private server (VPS) with static IP and use it as a jump machine to access your client's FTP server from a constant address.

Now there are many particular terminologies each vendor might use, but if it's OK to use Amazon Web Services, then you might be looking for an EC2 nano instance configured with an Elastic IP.

  • I am using GCP and have purchased a static IP. If you could tell me what do I set up on my compute engine @uprego – Mohammed Gadiwala Jul 22 at 8:48
  • @MohammedGadiwala If you FTP client supports SOCKS then run ssh -N -D <username for GCP>@<GCP instance hostname> on your computer, set your FTP client to use passive mode and use as SOCKS proxy, and you're good to go. – Joker_vD Jul 22 at 20:10

He might use Port Knocking. This way, it doesn't matter what IP you have, you'll "knock" to a sequence of ports and the Knock daemon will detect the sequence and therefore add a temporary rule to allow you to connect.

In Linux-based environments you can use knockd for that matter, although I'm sure that for other OS environments there are equivalent daemons.

  • Well the customer wont be doing anything other than whitelisting my one IP address – Mohammed Gadiwala Jul 22 at 8:38
  • Then I'm afraid you'll have to ask him to whitelist your IP each time it changes. You can also get a static IP as @uprego said. No miracles here. – nKn Jul 22 at 8:40
  • Setup a free domain name.
  • Use OpenDNS to keep the domain name associated with your IP.
  • Have your friend whitelist your domain name.

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