I prefer to have X1.5-2 spacing between luines in writing emails' using outlook 2010. I can do it every time seperately' using text formating. how can it be my default choice for answering mails?


To set the default spacing:

One option is to change the Stationery settings: Go to File > Options > Mail > Stationery and fonts. Click Font > Advanced tab. enter image description here

Another option is to use Styles:

Create a style which includes the spacing settings you like. When writing an email, you can select the text that you want to change style. And then select Format Text > Styles.

Official article: https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/format-email-messages-with-styles-f36f667d-f7ae-41ff-927e-17b7fc1bab38

enter image description here

I found a link which may be related

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