I've been trying to connect to my computer running a mosh-server via juicessh by way of ipv6. Everything starts up ok, it connects, then asks for a password. Then after that juicessh (mosh-client) fails, it comes back with "bad ip address" and diconnects.

The address is a local ipv6 address of form fe80::abcd:1234:5678:90ef%wlan0. Thank you for your help. Bty, ssh using juicessh to ipv6 address works fine.

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The %wlan portion references the particular network adapter on your computer. That portion of the address might be required if you are configuring a listening port on your computer, configuring routing rules, etc. But remote systems do not see that.

Type only the following into the address box on JuiceSSH fe80::abcd:1234:5678:90ef

As an additional note, JuiceSSH doesn't but other tools might require you wrap an IPv6 address in square brackets such as wget http://[fe80::abcd:1234:5678:90ef]:8080.

The IPv6 Wikipedia article is a good reference for this information.

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