After converting the batch(.bat) file to .exe file using Bat To Exe Converter, the .exe file is detected as Trojan Virus. The sample batch file:

@echo off
if exist "myexe.exe" START myexe.exe -password

I created an invisible 32 bit output. Once with UPX compression and once without it. Both of them are tested via VirusTotal.com. Over 25 AVs detected both as virus.

I want to give this EXE to many people that may have different AntiViruses and want they run it without problem. This is a false positive indeed. What is your solution? or another alternative way?

more explaine:

Actually I need a exe launcher and I don't want the users know path of exe and password. So, launcher should be invisible and has not any problem with antivirus.

  • Arguably, it sounds as if you will simply need to experiment with different approaches. There are other languages besides batch (some of which can be turned into .exe files), such as Python or C++. Or you could investigate small utilities designed to hide the execution of a program. But it's hard to recommend an approach that would be suitable for a random set of anti-virus programs without hands-on experience. – Anaksunaman Jul 25 at 19:30
  • @Pimp Juice IT : I need a exe launcher to start main exe. – AliM67 Jul 25 at 19:34
  • @Anaksunaman: I don't want to hide main exe (in my case: myexe.exe). I just want to hide path of myexe.exe and his parameter (password). So, I want the launcher has not console window. Bat To Exe Converter works fine, but output file is detected as virus on some antiviruses. – AliM67 Jul 25 at 19:36
  • @AliM67 .... So are you really looking for a solution that will "convert a batch to an EXE compiling in a fashion that it's not detectable as a false-negative virus" or do you need "to pass a password value to an executable and keep that value from being easily view able"? If you're available and want to talk about it more, I may be able to help you if we can maybe chat for a few minutes. I will create a chat and send you a link if so. Hit me up if so and I'll see if I can get you a workable solution, but we're gonna have to talk more like in a chat when you and I both have time. – Pimp Juice IT Jul 25 at 21:12
  • Depending on what exactly you are looking for that is but something Windows Native would be the least likely to cause you virus type problems when running on a Windows OS. – Pimp Juice IT Jul 25 at 21:13

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