I have installed proftpd. My main goal is to set up everything, that users can only see files, which they owned, and the rest just hide from them.

I tried umask, but this seems to not working at all. Next was using HideFiles directive, but it doesn't meet my requirements, becuase indeed you can hide files from users, but it has to be strict set, which user can see, so it has nothing to do with ownership of file.

So basically, I want something like that:

<Directory /home/foo>
        HideFiles (\.)$ user /file_owner/
        <Limit ALL>
                AllowGroup Y
                IgnoreHidden on

The struggle is, how to get that file owner?

Also I have to mark, that I don't have much experience with administering. On daily basis I work with Python.

So, is there any way to achieve such thing? or I trying to do something undoable?

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