Browsers like Firefox display URLs containing spaces (including nbsp's) with an actual space (); Chrome always displays spaces as %20 (and nbsp's as %C2%A0) in the address bar. (ie, Firefox displays http://example.com/A B in the address bar while Chrome displays http://example.com/A%20B.) Is there any way to make Chrome display spaces as instead of %20?

  • I'd like to have configuration for that too <3
    – Betlista
    Jan 30, 2020 at 10:45

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If you can do with underscores instead of spaces (like in my case, where I only need to improve the readability of the URL), you can use:

window.history.pushState("string", "Title", window.location.href.replace(new URL(window.location.href, location).origin+'/', '').replaceAll('%20','_'))

(the last replaceAll could be an space instead of an underscore but Chrome would replace it with %20 anyway)

Maybe this could be done better with a Chrome extension.

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