How to configure emulator which is running on Windows machine with Bluetooth adaptor (BLE enabled) so that Bluetooth adaptor will be discoverable in the mobile app(ios/android) to connect and read the data from the emulator?

My emulator is configured on a com port of Windows machine and it is generating some data. I want to configure emulator & Bluetooth adaptor in such a way that emulator will send data to Bluetooth adaptor. I need to connect to that Bluetooth adaptor via Bluetooth (BLE) from my mobile app and read the data of emulator.

I have a mobile app which scans nearby Bluetooth devices which we can connect and read the data from. But, my mobile app doesn't scan Bluetooth adaptor which is connected to my Windows machine. In nRF Connect and LightBlue app as well that Bluetooth adaptor is not showing. This is my emulator:

This is my emulator

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