I have a windows xp program that works fine in Windows XP. I am trying to install this program in a Windows 7 (32bit) on Intel (64bit) system. I receive the following error: "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with the CLSID {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} failed due to the following error: 80040154 at xxxxNamespace.xxxxClass.Connect() I then take the the registry entry for (xxxxx-xx-...} from the Windows XP registry and copy it the Windows 7 registry in the HKEY_Classes_Root/CLSID folder. The error code changes to 8007007e.

I want this program to run without error. Any solution or direction would be much appreciated. I do have the source code to work with.

Note: x's are replacements for true values.

  • Although windows 7 has better compatibility than Vista, not every xp program is guaranteed to work. Maybe be more specific about the program your are trying to run, so this will be more helpful for others. – Daniel Jul 30 '19 at 23:45

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