I have vinyl record rip in 24/96 flac format. Each track is almost 200 MB big, so the album won't fit on CD.

How to burn these files on a DVD to play with the same quality on standalone DVD player?

My player supports SACD, DVD Audio and DVD video as well. My OS is Ubuntu Lucid (preferred), but I have also WinXp with Nero installed.

BTW, is there any difference between DVD+ and DVD- for audio?

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You can create a DVD-Audio disc using DVD audio tools. There's a howto on the website with step-by-step instructions. I've made DVDs from 24/96 audio that I bought from HDTracks and they play on my standalone DVD player (which is DVD-Audio capable)

  • Thanks for the link. It looks very promising, however I don't know how to create sort.txt. The patched files seems to be corrupted.
    – takeshin
    Sep 7, 2010 at 18:35

I don't know how you'd create DVD Audio or SACD discs from those; hopefully someone else will chime in with specifics in another answer.

You'd have to downgrade the audio to standard 16/44.1 stereo to burn them as a standard audio CD -- in which case the album would fit on a standard CD.

Frankly, I'd burn the data files to a standard (or better, archival quality) data DVD, using some form of error correction like that provided by par2 or dvdisaster (Ubuntu packages). You can play them back with an HTPC, and you won't need to do any reencoding of the files. This would be a good backup to have even if you did make Audio DVDs or SACDs from them, so keep it in mind.

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